In 2022, we are going to journey through Scripture, together!
Come, Join Us!
What is the common narrative in our church today?
When the service ends and you are in the parking lot, what is the one thing you can’t stop talking about?
– Is it sports?
– Is it shopping?
– Is whatever has happened in
our nation or community this week?
What if we make that common narrative God’s Word?
What if everyone in the church could talk about the same passage?
That’s our goal this year.
We are going to journey through Scripture from
Genesis to Revelation
and we are going to do it
Weekly readings and memory verses along with Sunday morning messages coming right from the weekly readings. God’s Word is going to be the foundation to everything we do. Will you join us on a journey through God’s Word this year
Are you ready to make 2022 a year you will not forget?
January Sermon Series: 
“In The Beginning”

As you read through the Bible, use these four questions to help guide you.

  • H (HIGHLIGHT): What is a verse(s) that stood out to you in your reading?
  • E (EXPLAIN): What is the author’s intended meaning in the context of the passage?
  • A (APPLY): What is the principle to live by today?
  • R (RESPOND): How will I respond to the application in my relationships and/or situations this week
Join us, as we read through the Bible in 2022